Ash & Bally jump 1.2m!

While Ashley and her magnificent mare Glenormiston Ballymalloe are scaling the heights, we were so proud to see them jump 1.2m at the recent Cudgegong Jump Club Competition.

Ashley & Bally jumping the 1.2m Joker!   


 The course was set as an ascending 95cm Accumulator with the final fence at 1m but the optional Joker fence was built to 1.2m. We did not dare tell Ash the true height of the fence but advised her that if she felt good to take it on, if not just jump the 1m fence. Knowing her shear determination we watched as she opted for the bigger fence and cleared it with ease. A cheer went up from the crowd and all concerned were so proud, including Bally and Ash!

Watch the video of the final fence here ...