Asham Endeavour, the Story behind the name!

30th May, 2023

So I had always wanted a mare by the Thoroughbred stallion ‘Mossman’ but they were slightly elusive mainly due to his huge success as a sire of racehorses and subsequently his success as a broodmare sire. Roughly 16 years ago I decided to buy a mare in foal, her name was ‘Settlement’ by the phenomenal broodmare sire ‘Lunchtime’.

As luck would have it she foaled me a beautiful filly by ‘Mossman’.

Follow along with the names and it will all make sense ….

We named her ‘Myseventeenseventy’.

By Mossman out of Settlement … ‘The town of Seventeen Seventy is so named because on 24 May in that year, Lieutenant James Cook, captain of His Majesty’s barque HMS Endeavour, came ashore and landed on the beach of Round Hill Creek in the vicinity of the present village’.

Mossman being a settlement at the northern end of the Captain Cook Highway.

After a successful racetrack career Myseventeenseventy was bred to Glenormiston Bartley in 2016 with her first foal due the following year.

And so Asham Endeavour was born!

A tiny chestnut colt who was certainly not impressive at the time has since matured into a magnificent individual with a beautiful soft temperament. Standing just over 16hh now and given all the time in the world to grow we are really excited for the future of this young gelding. While he was nothing special when he hit the ground he has always had something about him to suggest that he could be an extraordinary horse.

By virtue of his date of birth he was branded with the numbers 17/7, somehow seems very appropriate!

We are really excited for the future for this beautiful big young gelding and can’t wait to see how he rides on!